A condition that is seriously impacting agriculture along the world’s “citrus belt” is referred to as Citrus Greening disease. It has taken a big chunk out of citrus revenues in Florida, where citrus is the state’s largest industry, which employs more than 62,000 people and was valued at $10.7 billion (2012-2013).

president of company

Okay, which one is the HLB?

Value aside, citrus revenues have plummeted precipitously in most recent years, all because of a bug, which has been dubbed, the Huanglobing, or HLB bacteria. It’s said to be found in the belly of the Asian citrus psyllid (below).

vortex water technology

The Asian citrus psyllid.

In the story linked to the image above, residents in a southern California neighborhood are being encouraged to look for Asian citrus psyllids and report any that they find, because there could be HLB bacteria in their bellies.

And much more spraying… of the residents.

Just sayin’…

That’s the official story, which we’re not going to get into at the moment.

Suffice it to say that something is causing a lot of damage in the citrus industry right now. There is credible evidence to suggest that it is not the HLB bacteria. Since the bacteria cannot speak for itself, since the land cannot speak for itself, or the trees in the orchards speak for themselves, we’ve grown accustomed to taking the opinions of people who make their living by influencing our beliefs, at face value.

We pay dearly for this lack of critical oversight.

I pretty much said as much in a video that I produced after doing some research on citrus greening disease.

That video struck a chord with the head of a company that services citrus growers, who called us. The conversation led to the design, construction, and delivery, of the first PW1200 vortex generator, which is poised to do something to the water that may impact, not only the citrus greening infection on this orchard, but the way agriculture-related disease is addressed.

Stay tuned…