An article originally published in Natural News titled, Dementia Now Striking People In Their 40s As Mercury From Vaccines Causes Slow, Degenerative Brain Damage, calls attention to the “trickle down” phenomenon (age-wise) documented by researchers from Bournesmouth University in England and published in Surgical Neurology International. They suggest that the cause of this trend can be linked to environmental factors, as well as vaccines.

We suggest that the environment inside the body, meaning the waters, is perhaps the least examined source of potential causality, as it is not generally perceived as much more than chemical solvent or solution. More than that, water is thought of as having a static, rather than a dynamic nature. When you think of water in static, rather than dynamic terms, then its properties are unchanging, which falls counter to the evidence, since change is the only constant for water, as it is for all forms of life.

We bring this to your attention to let you know that an increased motion-state in your water results in the natural production of free protons (+) and electrons (-), which allow significant chemical changes to occur in water. The chemical changes occur as the free protons and electrons combine and recombine with existing molecules and compounds, such as molecular chlorine (Cl2) and a myriad others, including the ingredients of vaccines.

You should also know that you play an active role in to what extent this information affects you, because they are all ideas that, according to Walter Russell, come from the One Cosmic Mind as thought. The nature and effects of said thoughts are subject to interpretation, yours and ours.

Water will faithfully carry out the thoughts that you allow to be transmitted through it. Restoring a high spin-state at the time of use, means giving yourself more of what Nature originally intended.