Water is both a precious and a powerful influence in our life, perhaps more than we tend to appreciate, and vortexing is a natural, fundamental movement whose power and importance has largely been overlooked. As such, conventional water treatment methods leave great benefits that are available from, and through our water use, unrealized, and the price we pay is great. Those costs are measured, not just in terms of higher and more frequent dollars spent, but the quality of health, life, environment, and even commercial and industrial operations.


Municipal water tower.

The President Water Company is committed to delivering water’s highest value to life, through the auspices of its most fundamental method of transformation; i.e., vortex motion. We offer a full range of vortex-based solutions to enhance both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of life,

Water is also unique because its importance to life is not dependent upon its own state of health, which can also be described as a state of energy, including electrical. We use water whether the electrical state is high or low, generally without knowledge of (1) the importance of a higher electrical state, and (2) how to generate, increase, and maintain that higher electrical state *without* electricity. That way would be through a vortex event, and the physics of spin.

This is one reason why we produce such a broad line of vortex generator units. Literally, the places that would benefit if the water supply was re-vitalized prior to use, such as in agriculture and farming, municipal water towers, waste water and sewage treatment, commercial and industrial installations, homes, pools, and many others, will all see significant improvements in their water and operational experience, when vortex generators are employed.


A multitude of health and environmental problems not only fester, but get worse, for failure to provide what they require, which is the rhythmic, balanced, energy and electricity raising movement that can only be accomplished by nature, in the form of vortex forces.

We are confident that (1) humanity will muster the collective will to fix these and other problems that are now plaguing all, (2) acknowledge that current conventions and practices have become the problem, and (3) acknowledge and embrace the balancing, beneficent power of Nature to restore life and health through vortex knowledge and technology.