Water is both Mirror and Teacher

Natural principles underscore water's ability to harm or to heal.


The science behind vortex generation and the effects that it has on the various
states of water have been well documented. Each researcher has developed
his or her own take on why water behaves the way it does. Some luminaries include:

Viktor Schauberger                                                          – Marcel Vogel

Marcel Violet                                                                     – Fritz-Albert Popp

Mu Shik Jhon                                                                    – Dr. Jacque Benveniste

Dr. Musaru Emoto                                                           – Rustum Roy, Ph.D.

Mae Won Ho, Ph.D.                                                         – Gerald Pollack, Ph.D.

MJ Pangman & Melanie Evans                                      – Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Carly Nuday, Ph.D.                                                              And many others.

The principles articulated by these scientists and researchers have largely been (1) un-examined, (2) ignored, or cherry-picked through by mainstream science, to the extent that many amazing nuggets of stress-eradicating truth have languished in catacombs of group social ignorance while humanity needlessly suffered.


Two scientific luminaries that have been a significant influence on our decision to move head and form President Water, are Marcel Vogel (1917-1971) and Walter Russell (1871-1963).

When a human consciousness is able to convey the following ideas using just 26 symbols, as Walter Russell did in The Universal One, then it is reasonable to want to learn more.

Man calls those various states of motion of the one substance by many names, and they
appear to be many substances. The apparent difference between the many is due solely to difference of motion and not to substance.

Many states of motion are possible, but there are not two substances in the universe.

All states of motion are measurable and are under the absolute control of Mind. As man is Mind, Man can, with dawning knowledge of causes, change any one state of motion into any other state of motion, and by so doing transmute any one substance into any other.

The granite rock may become gold, or radium, at the will of man.

In no uncertain terms, Russell explicitly spelled out man’s relationship to thought, Mind, God, which were and are expressions of the same thing, and how, in conscious acceptance of that relationship, all things were/are possible.

Why not put the truths, that became so wonderfully and profoundly self-evident to Russell, to the test?


BALANCE is the principle of unity, of oneness. In it is the stability which lies in CAUSE. Balance is the foundation of the universe.

BALANCED INTERCHANGE simulate..s oneness by interchange between pairs of opposites. It is the principle of equal giving between all moving pairs of unbalanced opposites which constitute this dual electric universe. In it is the instability of EFFECT. Instability is forever seeking to find stability. It can never find it, but it can simulate it by balancing its instability through equality of interchange.

RHYTHMIC BALANCED INT’ERCHANGE is the principle of continuity of EFFECT Balanced inter-change between opposites repeats simulation of stability, and rhythmic balanced interchange continues that repetition.

From: The Secret of Light


Electricity is forever winding light up into hot spheres, surrounded by cold cube wave-fields of space, and likewise sequentially unwinding them for rewinding. While winding them into compressed light masses, they are simultaneously unwinding to a lesser extent. Conversely, while unwinding they are simultaneously rewinding to a lesser extent.