PW100 Vortex Generator

Our PW100 vortex generator is the flagship of the President Water line, appropriate for lines sizes up to 1″ (25mm). which means most homes around the world.

Placing a PW100 in-line on your home restores the water to a high ion-state, through a massive acceleration in molecular spin, at the point-of-use. The implications and benefits are manifold.

  • Hydration
    • The benefits of hydration, and more so, the costs of dehydration, would warrant a volume unto itself. Hydration is not simply a “nice thing to have”, it is of critical importance the well-being of plants, animals, and people.
    • Bulk water that typically flows from the tap that has not had its vital energy restored, does a poor job at hydration, meaning that its hydrogen availability is limited.
  • Absorption ~ higher ion production leads to smaller cluster sizes and greater penetration.
  • Elimination / Reversal of Scale Buildup
  • Maintenance Free
    • No consumables to replace
    • No moving parts
  • 6-year Warranty
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