Shower Vortex Generator

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Transform a mundane shower into a vital energy experience! Can also be used under sink with a 1/2″ close nipple.


Shower Vortex Generator

The SVG fits directly on your shower head. its 1/2″ female inlet and male outlet thread pattern makes it easy to unscrew your present shower head, attach the SUVG, then screw the assembly back onto your shower line.

If softer feeling, younger looking skin and hair are of interest, then this just the answer.

Naturalizing harmful toxins effect and allowing increased hydration of your largest organ – your skin.

The Shower vortex generator from President Water is your must-have line of negation if you are in an apartment, dorm, or other location where a system-wide vortex generator is not present or available.

Easy to install, no maintenance, or filters to change.

Softer more manageable hair

Often Improves Skin conditions

Improved Lathering

Reduces or Eliminate Scale build up

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Weight 1 lbs