Garden Vortex Generator

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Watch your garden grow as if it had be watered with rain water. Gardeners and farmers love the effect that rain water has on plant life. Now you can enjoy that vibrance and plant health with our Garden Vortex Generator. Adding the same powerful energy of rain to your source water. More importantly, it offers you value in the knowledge that increased efficiency and energy in your water means that less is generally needed. .

It is probable that you may actually get better results; greater growth, more robust and resilient plants, with less water.

The strong ABS body of the Garden Vortex Generator is impregnated with rubber to for some flexibility, ease of handling in sunlight or higher temperatures. It also has UV protectionthat is rated for 5 years.

Higher nutrient value and yields in fruit and vegetables

20-50% less water used

More drought and pest resistant

Less fertilizers and pesticides/herbicides used