Frequently Asked Questions

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Are these water filters?

No. Vortex generators do not filter “bad” elements from water, any more than Nature does. Clouds do not “filter” water and then release as rain. Filtration “slows” spin, making the water more dense, giving it higher surface tension. Vortex action accelerates molecular spin, thereby increasing its electrical and magnetic properties, and available energy.

Do President Water Vortex Generators require maintenance?

No – Thankfully they are Filter Free, Chemical Free, Salt Free, Maintenance Free and Hassle Free.

If there are no moving parts in your products, how does the water get changed?

Natural Science and force of Mother Nature is at play. The water molecules spin state (polarising) is accelerated, over natural silica in a process called auto-ionization. The left spin creates coherence and increase in electricity, whilst the right spin disintegrative forces breakdown disruptive patterns such as chlorine or sodium fluoride so they can be re-paired to healthier ionic bonds.

What distinguishes the President Water Devices from other water enhancement devices?

• Triangular Configuration Of Energized Glass Spheres
• The option of simultaneous Radial Magnetism with “Magnes Opus” Versions
• Incorporates Peizoelectrics

How long will my President Water Device last and what are the guarantees?

Portable, Under sink, Shower Devices *backed by a 90 day 100% unconditional, money back guarantee if not fully satisfied with product benefits. All President Water Products parts and labor are backed by a 6-year replacement warranty when installed into permanent locations and a 2-year replacement warranty for parts on portable units. Warranty is void if the cartridge is subjected to freezing temperatures or mishandled.

All devices 2″ and above used in Agricultural uses have a 1 year 100% Money Back Guarantee. This is to allow 1 full growing season.

My water tastes strange after installing the President Water device… What should I do?

Water in an optimal spin state will clean and flush hard water deposits and debris from your entire water system. This is particularly true right after installation.
You should allow 90 days for your system to become fully acclimated to its environment and for your water to normalize taste, smell and clarity.

What is the benefit of a Whole Home Unit over individual outlet device?

-There is more vortex action produced in the bigger units, so more energy is produced, hence better results.
– The energized water produced by the Unit will clean out hard water deposits in the pipes and hot water heater. Flushing and draining will remove the soluble minerals, increasing efficiency of your appliances and reducing heating costs. Additionally structured water is more efficient at retaining heat.
-The best benefit is that your vortex generator extends the service life of your water heater and other appliances.
-After 90 days of placing the PWC whole home unit into service, we also recommend that you flush your hot water heater.
– Any plants and gardens watered with this water will grow better, be more heat and freeze resistant and require less water

Will the President Water soften my water?

Mainstream science would have us to believe that hard water is caused by the presence of dissolved minerals in the water, particularly calcium. In spite of this conventional wisdom, we have been creating soft water with calcium being present.
We have found that hard water is caused by the absence of a crystalline matrix in the water, which is a consequence of chaotic information (also known as entropy), and its resultant depleted energy.
Mineralized water is beneficial to health and superior for drinking whereas artificially softened water disrupts mineral balance and further de-energizes water.
Chaotic, unbalanced, de-energized water causes scaling and mineral deposits inside of appliances, pipes and plumbing and can feel uncomfortable when bathing and showering.
PWC vortex generators do not filter water. Instead they preserve and restore the natural mineral content of your water and transforms the water energetically so that the water feels soft naturally. Optimal Water™ also clears out any hard water deposits in your plumbing and appliances and prevents new deposits from forming.

Does the President Water device filter chlorine?

No they don’t. Our vortex generators do not rely on filtration to change water. Instead, they use motion, like nature does. After the vortexing event, which involves a natural auto-ionization (which breaks hydrogen bonds that hold contaminants in suspension), chlorine gas will dissipate from the water.
Our clients usually experience an immediate difference and note that the chlorine smell, taste and irritation associated with tap water disappears.

Do the devices address Arsenic?

After reading we read about what arsenic is and how it gets into water in the first place, For many parts of the U.S., arsenic, which is a constituent of some metals, occurs naturally in bedrock. That would apply to Mexico too. It is estimated that over 4,000,000 people in Latin America are affected by arsenic contamination severely enough to damage their health.

The White Paper titled, International Congress, Mexico City, 20-24 July, 2006, Natural Arsenic in Groundwaters of Latin America, takes an extensive look at the problem. Here is an excerpt:

In Mexico, arsenic is present within the volcanic belt where arsenic-rich soils contaminate the groundwater. Another possible source of contamination is organic arsenic-based pesticides, which have been used since before 1945.

Its toxicity depends on oxidation, chemical structure and solubility in the biological medium. The scale of arsenic toxicity declines in the following order: arsine > As+3 inorganic > As+3 organic > As+5 inorganic > As+5 organic > arsenic compounds and elemental arsenic. The toxicity of As+3 is 10 times higher than that of As+5 and the lethal dose for adults is 1-4 mg As/kg. For the more common forms such as AsH3, As2O3, As2O5 this dosage varies between 1.5 mg/kg and 500 mg/kg of body mass (The National Academy of Sciences 1999). (Click here to get the report.)

What these reports don’t take into consideration, and where our vortex generators may actually be of some benefit, is in the realization that chemical compounds do not exist in a static, never-changing state. In other words, “arsenic” exists as one state ~ such as A+5 ~ for a period of time, and when conditions allow, it changes its state. The conditions that would be necessary to change As+3, to As+5, which has only 1/10th the disruptive properties, is the introduction of charged particles, free protons and electrons, referred to as ions. These ions allow for a change in arsenic’s charge state. It also allows new pairings to occur within the milieu with other elements that are more compatible.

These kinds of changes are possible, not through filtration, which slows water’s spin-, and hence, its charge state, but by acceleration. The gravitational forces that naturally occur within a vortex multiply and increase energy (ion presence), while the radiative forces divide, reduce, and otherwise break molecules or compounds apart.

This explanation may or may not fully answer your question, but you see how understanding the nature of the natural phenomena that vortex generators cause can be applied to come up with a reasonable prediction of results.

We’ve seen many amazing results be revealed after installing vortex generators on homes, in irrigation and water lines, and other areas, when we didn’t know whether they would work, and later, were unable to really understand why when they did. We’re now where we can reliably expect an improvement of conditions, even though they may be in an area other than expected.

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I have a lot of iron in my water: can I use an iron filter in conjunction with a President Water Device?

Yes. This natural science technology is compatible with all forms of water filters and water systems and actually enhances their performance.

Are there different types of water transformation units for different purposes?

Yes and No. All of our water units work on the principles of motion and energy and enhance cell health for all plants, animals, microbes and people. Yet, applications vary from enhancing pools and spas to increasing milk production for dairies. Water is everywhere and in everything, consequently, our water units have unusually broad application potential

Will my water remain structured even if I boil or freeze it?

Yes. Your water will remain structured, regardless of temperature.

Will the President Water Device change the pH of my water?

Yes. Nature loves balance and uses the tools of motion and energy to achieve it. As water becomes balanced and coherent again, it will tend to bring the pH of water towards a neutral state.

Can I energize other liquids besides water?

Yes. Our portable works perfectly for energizing juice, milk, vinegar and alcoholic beverages. Note: It will diminish carbon dioxide from beer, yet the taste will still improve.

How long will water that I have energized and stored retain their optimal state?

Depending on the environment in which it is stored, Optimal Water™ may remain so for a week or a month before requiring re-energizing. Cool and dark is better than direct sunlight. Placing water near disruptive energy centers (so called “smart meters,” microwave ovens, wi-fi, etc.) will also deplete water of its balance and coherence as it seeks to correct and enhance its immediate field of influence.

What is a Full Spectrum Natural EMF Water Energizer?

A water device designed to energize water via Vortex Flow and Electromagnetic Frequency Transfer.

Why do I need a Full Spectrum Natural EMF Water Energizer?

Natural electromagnetic frequencies are carried by water into the cells of plants, animals and humans to clean, feed and protect all life forms.

Who actually discovered or invented water optimizing devices?

Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) was the visionary that saw the need for such a devices, given what he was witnessing with the coming of the modern era. In the meantime, on the other side of the world, the Asians were playing with minerals and water. They had figured out that different minerals had different effects on water. Vicktor brought us the vortex and the Asians brought us the minerals. In the meantime, the Russians, the Germans and Austrians (Viktor was Austrian) have been playing with the motion and energy and approaching these principles from various perspectives for decades. Americans jumped into the mix sometime back in the early 90′s (We may be mistaken though).