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Making a difference is a rewarding feeling and would love to have you help us get the word out and about President Water Vortex Generators.

We believe you should be rewarded for help spread the good word.

We have several levels making it easy to get started.

Entry level

Affiliate – Invest in over $1000 worth of product at retail pricing to qualify for 15% commission payable on all sales generated.

Wholesale Level

For those that are interested in getting serious about promoting Vortex generators we want you to make a super living from helping the planet.

Option A

Investment in the smaller line of products
( 1” and under) requires $5000 per year in inventory / product has the following discount rates attached.

Portable, ½” Undersink and Shower, Garden, ¾” , 1” units – 50% discount

2”, 3”, 4” 6” 8” 10” 12” units – 40% Discount

Option B

For those involved in Agriculture and Commercial Applications

Primary focus is on 3” Units and above. A $15,000 yearly investment in equipment would be required.

This would give you a 40% discount across the board on RRP.

Custom Orders and Private Labeling

Please contact Adam or Jody to discuss directly.

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