The Small Line

We have waited for quite some time to be ready to ship this highly anticipated product. A great value at $298 in this market sector, we are pleased to offer the small line units at $269.

PW100 vortex generator
PW200 Vortex Generator for 2" Line

PW100 Vortex Generator

Now shipping.

The PW100 vortex generator comes equipped to fit a 1″ line, and can be easily adapted to a 3/4″ or smaller line with a reducer fitting.

Installing this powerful natural energy technology in your home, before the water line splits off to hot and cold feeds, provides a sublime hydrating experience each day.

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 PW200 Vortex Generator

For the pool, greenhouse or any line that is above 1″ and up to 2″, the PW200 vortex generator is what you need. it features a flow capacity that is 4x the PW100.


  • Stainless Steel outer body for added protection and strength
  • Tri-axial Sphere Matrix, Plus
  • Unique Center Sphere for added stability and energy while under pressure

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