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Adam Abraham

Co-Founder, CVO
The words “destiny” or “fate” may come to mind as factors in Adam’s decision to start President Water. Having helped raise awareness of vortex generators as a legitimate class of water treatment technology by helping other companies get started, his vision of the vast, still untapped world of applications led him to answer Water’s call, because Water’s call is also humanity’s call.


Jody Spencer

Co-Founder, COO
I love making people’s life’s better. In 2008 whilst living in New York City and working as I commodity trader a friend introduced me to Electric Water Ionizers. That was the start of my water journey, since then I have been involved in educating people and promoting devices that filter and enhance water.  My introduction to Vortex Generators was in 2012. Today after thousands of hours of research and forming great friendships around the world based on water I am thrilled to be part of the foundation of President Water and look forward to serving you in the future.

I am currently based in Western Australia awaiting the arrival of our first child. Exciting times ahead on many fronts.


Alex DePeña

Consultant: Engineering / Manufacturing
All product designs begin as ideas that have evolved from a certain desire and intent, which itself is the result of crystallized understanding. How the actual product is constructed, along with the materials and components that are chosen, is determined with the help of a knowledgeable and experienced engineer.


For President Water, that engineer is Alex DePeña.

Environmentally Conscious Technology

President Water vortex generators are recognized as an environmentally conscious technology by ECT Services & Solutions, Inc., and ECT Services & Solutions, LLC., one of our Master Solutions Partners which, like us, is committed to introducing services and products that respect or enhance sustainability.

To be Environmentally Conscious is to be life conscious and balance restoring. President Water vortex generators employ the physics of vortical motion, in which the prime forces of integration and disintegration, energy creation and dissolution, exists, to literally change the usable and available electrical properties of water that pass through, just as water that falls as rain, or that flow down a mountain stream, is a different substance, as indicated by its behavior, than ground or surface water.

Environmentally Conscious Technology
PW100s (1" line) and PW200 (for 2" line)
PW1200 for 12" Line
Small format vortex generators

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